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Multi-Organ Transplant

As the region's only academic health system, UC San Diego Health is home to a comprehensive organ transplant program capable of performing multi-organ transplantation, a complex procedure that requires sophisticated technology and advanced surgical and medical expertise.

  • We perform combinations of surgeries not performed in other hospitals, such as combined heart-lung, heart-kidney, lung-liver-pancreas, liver-pancreas-kidney and heart-lung-liver transplantation.
  • We were the first in San Diego to successfully perform heart-liver transplantation.
  • We are the only hospital in San Diego to perform heart-lung and multi-organ chest-abdominal transplants.

At UC San Diego Health, you have access to a wide range of treatments as well as support services such as financial counseling, emotional and psychological support, and transplant support groups. Explore out transplant support services for you.

About Multi-Organ Transplantation

Multi-organ transplants are used to treat several failing or diseased organs by replacing them with healthy ones, usually from the same donor. Individuals may be considered for this procedure when all other therapies and treatments have been unsuccessful in improving their condition.

The common cause of multiple organ failure is a multisystem disease called amyloidosis. This condition can lead to a buildup of abnormal proteins in organs such as the kidneys, heart, or liver.

Our Transplant Team

Our transplant team includes skilled surgeons, nutritionists, transplant coordinators, financial coordinators, pharmacists and specialists in critical care medicine, pulmonology, nephrology, cardiology and other related specialties. We provide patients the care they need before, during and after surgery.

We have expertise in performing complex transplant operations for vital organs including:

As leaders in transplantation, we are committed to research to advance the understanding and management of multi-organ failure to ensure that patients are receiving the latest therapies and most innovative techniques available.

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Transplant Specialists

Our specialists utilize the expertise of physician-scientists and clinicians to provide leading-edge, compassionate care for those in need of organ transplantation. Meet our physicians.

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UC San Diego Health Performs Region's First Heart-Liver Transplant

A heart-liver transplant is a rare and complex procedure that can only be handled by an advanced team with strong multidisciplinary collaboration. Less than 10 of these surgeries are performed in the U.S. each year.