Breastfeeding Support

At UC San Diego Health, we support your choice to breastfeed. We encourage all mothers to hold their babies skin-to-skin right after delivery and to nurse right away whenever possible.

Our expert team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, certified lactation consultants and lactation educators.

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Support for Breastfeeding Families

Services provided by our lactation experts include:

  • Prenatal consultations
  • Personal instruction after your baby's birth (available seven days a week for hospital inpatients)
  • Help for babies with health issues or developmental delay
  • Assistance with multiple births and premature babies
  • Information about drugs and breastfeeding
  • Lactation appointments for moms and babies needing help after they leave the hospital
  • Hospital-grade breast pump rentals

Baby-Friendly Designation

We are nationally known for our breastfeeding support. Both our hospitals are designated Baby-Friendly for upholding the highest standards of infant feeding care by promoting and supporting breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Classes

During these classes, you’ll join an online videoconference at the same time as an instructor and other expectant parents:


UC Milk Bank

We partner with the UC Health Milk Bank to accept donations of breast milk for hospitalized or fragile children who need it. The non-profit milk bank accepts donated frozen breast milk and processes it to feed sick, premature or young infants when their mother lacks enough milk supply for their nutritional needs.

Call 858-249-MILK (6455) for more information.

Breast Pump Rentals

Patients and community members can rent hospital-grade breast pumps and buy breastfeeding supplies at our hospital gift shops.

Meet Our Outpatient Lactation Specialists

After you leave the hospital, you might need extra support from one of our lactation experts:

UC San Diego Health does not accept free formula from baby formula companies. Instead, we purchase it for infants who are not breastfed, have special medical conditions or need additional supplementation. We also can provide donor breast milk to postpartum moms who need to supplement their breast milk supply.