Tips for Video Visits

At UC San Diego Health, you can conduct video visits with your provider on a computer or a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

For your online doctor appointment, just like with an in-person visit, it's important to be prepared. You'll want to write down your important health information and questions in advance to make the best use of your time with the provider.

Make an Appointment

It's easy to make an appointment online or by calling your doctor’s office.

Tips for a Smooth Video Visit

Once you create your MyUCSDChart account and schedule your virtual medical appointment, use these tips to prepare for a successful video visit.

  1. Prep your tools: If you're using a laptop or mobile device, make sure it's charged and ready to go. If you're using a desktop computer, it needs to have a webcam. Keep headphones handy if you prefer to use them.
  2. Ensure a good connection: Use Wi-Fi for the best connection. Using your mobile carrier network may cause interruptions due to a weak signal.
  3. Minimize background noise: Find a quiet, private place where you can talk without interruptions or distractions such as doorbells, children, TV or music.
  4. Light it up: Try to sit facing a window or a light source, which will help your provider get a clearer view of you and any symptoms.
  5. Take notes: Write down your symptoms, health history and any questions for your doctor. Keep a pen and paper handy to take notes.
  6. Check in before the appointment starts: Sign in and complete your eCheck-In at least 30 minutes before your scheduled visit — you can also do this up to 7 days in advance.
  7. If there’s a problem: If your provider is more than 15 minutes late or if there's a problem starting your virtual appointment, call your clinic. If you have technical issues, please contact MyUCSDChart customer support at 619-543-5220 from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.