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Research and Clinical Trials for Head and Neck Cancers

Our team is dedicated to research, including both laboratory science (which may someday lead to new treatments) and clinical studies to test the effectiveness of new therapies.

Clinical Trials

Your physician may discuss with you the possibility of joining a clinical trial, which could offer new treatment approaches that are not otherwise available. We offer numerous clinical trials dedicated to finding better treatments for head and neck cancers. To find currently recruiting clinical trials at Moores Cancer Center, see Clinical Trials Search.

Research at the Gleiberman Head and Neck Cancer Center

Thanks to the generosity of Hanna and Mark Gleiberman, we recently celebrated the newly named Hanna and Mark Gleiberman Head and Neck Cancer Center. Their gift broadens the depth and impact of our cutting-edge head and neck cancer research program, and supports innovative clinical care for our patients and their caregivers. The center funds clinical trials and pilot grants for researchers, among other projects.

Our physician-scientists and researchers are involved in many exciting studies that will ultimately improve curative treatment as well as the quality of care for patients and their families.

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We use genetic testing to analyze tumors and tailor treatment to individual patients. See Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy.