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Kidney Stones

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Kidney stones can be unpleasant and, in some cases, lead to extreme pain or health complications. At UC San Diego Health’s Comprehensive Kidney Stone Center, we want your first stone to be your last stone.

Our kidney disease specialists are Southern California’s leaders in innovative and effective options — both surgical and nonsurgical — to treat, remove and prevent kidney stones.

A kidney stone can occur at any time, so we have urologists with extensive experience who can help you find relief with innovative and effective options tailored just for you. You will receive personalized counseling to prevent recurrence as well as an opportunity to participate in clinical trials. Together, we can help you lead a pain-free and stone-free life.

Kidney Stone Treatments

U.S. News & World Report -- UC San Diego Health Ranked Nationally in Urology

We are ranked among the nation's best urology programs by U.S. News & World Report. Our urologists treat hundreds of individuals with kidney stones each year. Our expert evaluation and advanced imaging techniques help determine the size, shape, composition and location of stones. 

Our talented team uses minimally invasive capabilities — such as robotically assisted surgical procedures — along with noninvasive medical management approaches. This includes including dietary changes and medications to provide the safest and most effective treatment plan.

We also have the most advanced shock wave lithotripsy equipment on-site. This procedure minimizes radiation exposure by utilizing state-of-the-art 3D ultrasound technology.

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Kidney Stone Prevention

We aim not only to treat kidney stones but also to stop them from developing again. Our team can determine the cause of the stone in an impressive 97 percent of cases. We offer effective, personalized therapies that can help prevent future stones or significantly reduce their rate of recurrence.

In addition, our registered dietitian can help you determine dietary changes that can reduce future stone formation. We can work with any dietary constraints or concerns you might have as we develop a customized plan for you.

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Clinical Trials

As a patient at UC San Diego Health, you have access to the most promising research on therapies for preventing and treating kidney stones.

The Department of Urology is conducting clinical trials in a range of urologic diseases and conditions. If you would like to participate in any of this research, please ask your provider if you qualify for any of our ongoing studies.

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