Acoustic Neuroma Patient Resources

Our medical professionals are happy to share their expertise by offering an initial phone consultation with acoustic neuroma patients or their family members.

An acoustic neuroma consultation includes a complete review of the patient's medical records, hearing tests, audiograms and MRI scans, previous medical history and any relevant medical histories of family members. An introductory discussion about the potential course of care — including observation, surgery or radiosurgery — is also included.

Medical records can be uploaded to a secure website or sent by mail. For more information, call 858-249-2944.

More About the Acoustic Neuroma Program

Navigating Your Experience

When you contact the Acoustic Neuroma Program, our team will help you prepare for your first interaction with the doctors. We have two patient navigators who can answer questions, address your concerns, and support you as you prepare for treatment. They are both previous patients and have had surgery for their own acoustic neuromas. They understand the emotional impact the diagnosis and treatment may have and will provide support and assistance as you navigate this process.


Acoustic Neuroma Patient Stories

In Their Own Words

Read first-person accounts of our patients' experience with acoustic neuroma treatment at UC San Diego Health

Planning Your Visit

We make sure that everything is in place before your surgical procedure. This includes:

  • Consultation with our medical experts
  • Communication with your local care providers about your care with us
  • Advance coordination of your after-surgery care, including any follow-up services you will need, such as physical therapy, to ensure a smooth return home
  • A surgery coordinator to take care of administrative matters, including insurance authorization. The coordinator also will help arrange the pre-treatment evaluation with your primary care physician.

Your Pre-Treatment Visit

On your first visit, you will meet members of the treatment team and consult with our specialists. You will be given hearing tests and, in some cases, balance tests. A tour of the facilities is part of the visit to help you feel comfortable. At that time, you will also receive the information you'll need for treatment and after-treatment care.

Acoustic Neuroma Support Groups

Many acoustic neuroma patients find it helpful to reach out and contact others who are going through the same experience. Free local support groups provide opportunities for networking and assistance with social and personal issues.

Get contact information on support groups listed by state at the Acoustic Neuroma Association (ANA) website. In California, support groups are located in San Diego, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Sacramento, and San Francisco/Oakland.

Patients can also request information from the ANA about support group leaders and meetings and obtain a free information packet.

If there is no convenient local support group or an ANA member wants to network with patients in other areas, ANA members can access the Willing to Talk list ─ a list of ANA members who have had an acoustic neuroma, have gone through treatment and recovery and are now willing to have their contact information shared as a source of information and support.

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