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Top Care in Neurology and Neurosurgery

USNWR 2020-21 Award winner badge for neurology and neurosurgeryUC San Diego Health Neurological Institute is a comprehensive care and research center for people with neurological disorders. We are changing the course of neurological diseases in people’s lives every day.

UC San Diego Health is ranked #21 in the nation for neurology and neurosurgery by U.S. News and World Report.

Specialty Programs

The specialists at the Neurological Institute are organized into overlapping programs based on their areas of expertise and research interests. Equipped with the most advanced neuro-imaging and monitoring technology available, the Neurological Institute is a hub of medical innovation. Learn about our areas of expertise. Specialties include:

Research and Clinical Trials

Neurospecialists at UC San Diego Health are dedicated to improving treatments, technologies and procedures in the field. Read about research and clinical trials taking place in neurology. More about our research and clinical trials

Appointments & Referrals

  • Neurosurgery: 619-543-5540
  • Neurology: 858-657-8540


General neurology appointments are available in La Jolla (4510 Executive Drive) and Rancho Bernardo. For specialty program locations, see each program for details.

Our Team

Explore Our Brain Channel

UCSD-TV features a variety of programs on the latest developments in neurosurgery and neurology. These programs are free to watch online, and are available for download or as a podcast. See Brain Channel offerings