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Advanced Lung Disease

Our Advanced Lung Disease Program is a nationally recognized, comprehensive program to treat lung diseases. Our team is dedicated to helping patients breathe easier, live longer, and enjoy a better life. Our lung experts provide highly specialized evaluations and treatment options for all patients suffering from complex lung diseases, regardless of their transplant status.

We provide a full spectrum of care for advanced lung disease tailored to each patient. This includes:

  • Evaluation and diagnosis of a wide variety of advanced lung diseases
  • State-of-the-art medical and surgical treatment
  • Comprehensive lung cancer treatment
  • Close follow-up care in collaboration with primary care physicians
  • A well-established research enterprise focused on translating new scientific discoveries directly into patient care
  • Second opinions

The Advanced Lung Disease Program provides a wide variety of first class services in a convenient ‘one-stop-shop’ for patients and referring physicians. We specialize in cutting-edge therapies and advanced research in the following areas:

Leading the Way in Organ Transplantation

Some individuals with advanced disease may eventually require a transplant. UC San Diego Health is leading the way in lungheartkidney and liver transplantation — including live liver and kidney donation. Our patients can be confident that all possible resources are made available to them in one place.