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Urology Care

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Whether you have a kidney stone or a more serious problem affecting the urinary tract or pelvic floor, it can be painful and embarrassing. You can feel comfortable and confident with expert care from UC San Diego Health urology specialists.

We excel at diagnosing and treating all types of urological issues for both men and women — including fertility and conditions affecting the male reproductive tract and female pelvic floor. And we work together with you to develop personalized treatment plans.

At UC San Diego Health, you may also have a chance to take part in a clinical trial at one of the top urology programs in the nation. Get fast, easy access to the doctors and services you need to help improve your health and quality of life.

Conditions We Treat

Our urologists treat all kinds of urologic conditions — whether they are common, complex or rare — including:

Comprehensive, Personalized Care

Your UC San Diego Health urologist may recommend screening tests, diagnostic imaging (including ultrasound) and other services to accurately diagnose your ailment. Using advanced technology, we offer the most up-to-date treatment options. They may include medications, nonsurgical approaches and advanced surgical techniques, such as reconstructive surgery and minimally invasive procedures.

We then customize your treatment plan based on your symptoms and specific needs, with a focus on your comfort. We collaborate with experts in other specialties, including oncologists, radiologists and pelvic floor physical therapists, to provide comprehensive care. We also devise a long-term follow-up care plan, as needed, to hasten your recovery.

Why Choose Us

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We are ready to help you every step of the way. You get the best care possible with innovative research and world-class treatments.

Being part of a research-intensive academic medical center gives you access to new therapies and treatments long before they are available elsewhere. We are ranked among the nation's best urology programs by U.S. News & World Report.

Discover how UC San Diego Health can help you:

  • Clinical trials, aimed at identifying new treatments and cures for current and future generations
  • Congenital urologic services for teens and young adults, offering specialized help to move from pediatric treatment to adult urologic care.
  • Kidney stone center, providing safe, effective options to treat, remove and prevent kidney stones
  • Male and female fertility care, with stellar treatments for a variety of issues, as well as partnering with others to offer advanced assisted reproductive technology (ART) services, including in vitro fertilization and embryo freezing
  • Men's reproductive and sexual health services, offering safe treatments for vasectomy reversal, enlarged prostate BPH, low testosterone and other sexual health issues
  • Neuro-urology program, with precise and personalized treatment for neurogenic bladder disorders whether they are congenital or caused by accident or disease
  • Reconstructive urology specialists, at the forefront of tackling disorders affecting the external genitalia, male urethra and the genitourinary system
  • Urologic cancer experts, internationally renowned for the diagnosis and treatment of bladder cancer, kidney cancer, prostate cancer and all other types of urologic cancers
  • Women's pelvic medicine center, the region's first comprehensive program for female pelvic issues, including incontinence, urinary tract infections and vaginal prolapse

Our Urology Locations

We have seven urology offices across San Diego County.



Chula Vista

Jacobs Medical Center building

UC San Diego Health's Jacobs Medical Center building in La Jolla has several specialties including urology.