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Senior Medicine / Geriatrics

As your body ages, your health care needs change. It's important to work with a physician who has special training in keeping older adults healthy, often called a geriatrician. Our Medicine for Seniors clinic is one option for primary care for older adults. (For other options, see Primary Care.) 

Our senior medicine internists have certifications in geriatrics and provide general health care for patients age 65 and older, including:

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Why Choose a UC San Diego Health Geriatrician?

Senior medicine at UC San Diego Health focuses on treating the whole person. That includes medical, social and emotional needs. Our geriatricians take care of patients with conditions that can accumulate over a life span — such as arthritis, heart disease and lung disease—along with common aging concerns like memory loss, chronic pain and depression.

Our senior medicine program is ranked among the nation's top 30 programs for geriatric care by U.S. News & World Report.

Our focus is on helping you manage your health conditions and achieve the best possible quality of life. Treatment is personalized, taking into consideration your unique goals and preferences.

Another benefit of working with UC San Diego Health is advanced specialty care. Your primary care physician can easily make referrals to a range of specialties such as urology, opthalmology and neurology. Our comprehensive programs for conditions including arthritis, hearing loss and dementia make it convenient to address all of your health concerns.

As the region’s only academic health system, we apply the latest advancements in research, education and clinical medicine to our care of older adults. We believe that putting research findings into action may be the most powerful key to healthy aging.

Accredited Geriatric Emergency Department

UC San Diego Health's emergency services in La Jolla include California's first accredited geriatric emergency department. This designation comes from the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and means that seniors are treated by a team of specialists in geriatric medicine.

At the center of this care unit are specialized geriatric nurses, physicians, pharmacists and social workers. They focus on common complications that can affect older adults, such as fall risk, cognitive and memory problems and medication interactions.

Working with specially trained providers in an emergency care setting can help patients and caretakers to ensure a smooth transition home.

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