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Patient Stories: Acoustic Neuroma

Read about the experiences of patients whose acoustic neuroma was treated at UC San Diego Health.

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Jennifer Seymour

"From the beginning, I was awed by the team’s accessibility and timely communication."

"My name is Jennifer or Jenny to my family, and sometimes “Grace” to my loving husband who has, for years, teased me about my coordination. It was hardly a rare occurrence to see me trip and fall over something invisible. Watching my kids play hockey, I had trouble catching what other parents were saying in crowded ice arenas, and my family caught me watching British crime dramas on closed captioning. These were warning signs I simply chalked up to aging, but I managed to keep up with my husband on a mountain bike and had perfected the organized chaos of managing five children, ages 9 to 29, so I wasn’t too concerned."

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Lindsay Evermore

"My outcomes were better than I ever hoped for" 

"When I received my diagnosis of acoustic neuroma (AN) last September, my first response was relief. For a year leading up to diagnosis, I dealt with vertigo, nausea, and unsteadiness that resulted in my stumbling, bumping into walls, and an inability to walk straight. I'd tried various medications to attempt to control the symptoms, but none offered any improvement. So when the radiologist explained that I had a benign tumor on my eighth cranial nerve, I was happy that I finally knew what was wrong and could do something about it."

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André Hoelz

"I cannot say enough good things about the staff and the setup at Jacobs Medical Center" 

"I first learned about my tumor after an episode of sudden vertigo and hearing loss following a transcontinental flight in August 2015. I managed to see an ENT the next day who prescribed a high-dose prednisone course and ordered an MRI to rule out a tumor."

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Julie London

"I'm grateful for the outcome and the excellent care I received"

"From the very beginning, I did not take my diagnosis very seriously. It all began in 2014 when I thought I was suffering from sinus pressure. After a few tests with nothing found, it was recommended that I get an MRI in February 2015. The good news was that it was small, 1.3 cm. Since my symptoms were mild (slight hearing loss, slight tinnitus), I was assured it was OK to "watch and wait."

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Daniel Small

"Not only would I have two great surgeons working on me, I would also get to experience treatment in a new state-of-the-art medical center"

"January 2017 is when I noticed the ringing in my ear (tinnitus). I figured this was nothing serious, probably due to stress and would go away on its own. A few months later I noticed I also had some hearing loss in my right ear. This is when I decided to see an ENT doctor for a proper diagnosis. The audiogram (June 23, 2017) confirmed I had mild to moderate hearing loss in the right ear and the MRI shortly thereafter revealed that I had a 2.2 cm acoustic neuroma tumor."    

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Amanda Thibodeaux

"The surgery facility was beyond our expectations. My husband, a medical professional, had never witnessed a hospital so well equipped"

"It was November 14, 2017, when the ENT called and told me words I never thought I would hear, "You have a brain tumor." I am a healthy 31-year-old dental hygienist and mother of three small children. I remember the day the vertigo started. I called my husband on the way home from work, not sure I could make our afternoon jog because I was feeling very dizzy."

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